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​If you look at this glamorous and beautiful actress once, you get crazy

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Actress Janani Iyer has worked in 150 ed films.

In addition to the Bollywood industry’s Hasina, if talk of the Tamil and Malayalam film industries, So beautiful inside the industry is also beautiful. In the case of beauty from the Tamil and Malayalam film industry, Actress Janani Iyer bolsters Bollywood’s glamorous actress. Actually tell you. Before entering the films, Actress Janani Aiyar has about 150 ed films. And let me also tell you this. That Actress Janani Aiyar is a young actress in the Tamil and Malayalam film industry.

There was a fondness of acting to actress Janni Year since childhood.

Bala’s beautiful actress Janani Aiyar was born on 31 March 1987 in Chennai. Let me tell you this also. Actress Janani Iyer is modeling since her college days. If the result of Janani Iyer’s hard work was seen, then acting was the dream of her childhood. But today, acting is a reality for him.

Janani Iyer did a cameo role in a film during her modeling.

Actually, Tamil and Malayalam film industries’ beautiful actress Janani Iyer came in 2009, during modeling. One movie “Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru” I got a chance to make cameo rolls Apart from this, Actress Janani Iyer came in 2010, the film “Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa” also did my cameo.

Actress was born of this audition of Janani Aiyar, her coming to films

In fact, Bala, audition director of Actress Janani Aiyar, in the year 2010, at the behest of director AL Vijay. At that time Director Bala was looking for a Newcomers Actress who speak a Tamil language. And after the audition Director Bala got Actress Janani Iyer liked for his film.

Actress Janani Iyer played the role of the policeman in her debut debut film.

In fact, in 2011, the movie “Avan Ivan” I Actress Janani Iyer played the role of a policeman in the role of lead actress, to know the actress.

Actress Janani Aiyar did the film industry in Debu Malayalam movies.

In fact, this beautiful actress had her debut in the Malayalam film “Three Dots” film industry in 2013.

Actress Janani Iyer gave a different identity in the film.

In fact Actress Janani Iyer came in the year 2014, Tamil film “Thegidi” gave her an identity. In fact, actress Janani Iyer played Madhu in the film. Which the audience liked very well.

Janani Iyer has worked in 14 films so far.

Actress Janani Iyer ranged from the cameo role in “Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru” in the 2009 film “Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru”. So far has worked in about 14 films.

Two more films of Actress Janani Iyer this year are coming.

The beautiful actress Janani Iyer will release two films in the year 2017. “Thollaikatchi” and “Balloon”.

Actress Janani Iyer has also received the Censational Debutu award.

Let me know That this beautiful actress also got the film ‘Sensational Debut Heroine’ Fans Association Award. That’s what you tell me. These beautiful actresses are very active on social media sites Twitter and Facebook too. And keep talking to your fans too.