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​Such fame of Bollywood celebrity fan, you have never seen

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Fans of Bollywood celebrity are very crazy

Talk to Bollywood stars if they follow Fan. So their fan-bottoming list is very long. His Fan Polling List has some of his Fan’s poor. So some Fan’s have huge money. At the same time, if you see now. So some fans have taken different ways of becoming the biggest fan. Actually these crazy fans of celebrity have started buying their favorite stars, at very high prices. It fences its favorite star’s shoes, their wearing clothes. They even buy their towel at the cost of thousands of millions. So today you will tell about those same things. The things that Bollywood star has for the happiness of his fans. Gladly auctioned.

Remember the melody of Madhuri Dixit in the Devdas movie.

If you were made by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Devdas will have seen the movie too. In which Madhuri Dixit is wearing a lingerie. That lahange bought a fancy of Madhuri Dixit for around 30 million.

You remember Aamir Khan’s cricket bat in Lagaan movie.

All of you have seen Aamir Khan starrer movie lease. The film received a lot of awards. And the same movie was also highly praised by Bollywood Industries. Actually tell you. Aamir Khan, who was seen playing cricket with the bat in this film. That bat was bought by a fan of Aamir Khan, for about Rs. 1 lakh 56 thousand rupees.

Priyanka Chopra’s fancy is not even less.

In fact, Priyanka Chopra wore heels in a film. Actually this was the company of Heels Christian Louboutin. That’s what you tell me. That these heels were bought by a fan of Priyanka Chopra for around 2.5 lakh rupees.

That’s what Salman Khan’s towel dance you can remember.

Actually a song of Bollywood’s daring Salman Khan movie “Mere Maran Karogi” was “too much to live for four days”. Actually, during the song, Salman Khan used to dance using the towel. A fan of Salman Khan bought that towel for Rs. 1 lakh 42 thousand rupees.

The same fiancée of Madhuri Dixit too is very crazy.

You must remember. Madhuri Dixit’s most popular song “started pushing” Madhuri Dixit wore the sari that was worn during this song. The sari was bought by one of their fans for about 80 thousand rupees. And let me tell you the same. That Madhuri Dixit had become famous in Bollywood after the song “Dhak Dhak Girl”.

The same fame of Shammi Kapoor is not the same.

Let me know In the year 1961, there was a film of Bollywood superstar Shammi Kapoor. The name of this movie was wild. Let me know That the film’s superstar Shammi Kapoor had put a scarf around his neck. The same scarf bought by a crazy fan of Shammi Kapoor for 1 lakh 56 thousand rupees.

That’s what you remember Bollywood star Farooq Sheikh.

In the film “Umrao Jaan”, the duo of Farooq Sheikh and Farooq Sheikh liked the audience very much. That’s what you tell me. In the film “Umrao Jaan”, Farooq Sheikh wore a ring. This ring was bought by a fan of Farooq Sheikh for Rs. 96 thousand.

He was also a fan of his era superstar Dev Saheb.

Let me know That they were signed by Devanand Sahab. Black and White bought 45 photos, a very big fan of them for around Rs 4 lakh.

The same fame of Shammi Kapoor Sahab was also his use. Everyone likes to buy.

Let me know Shammi Kapoor wore a jacket in the film Wild. And this jacket was clearly visible during that movie’s song “Ya hoo … koi bhi bhi jungle mane”. The same jacket was bought by a fan of Shammi Kapoor for about 88 thousand rupees.