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​Alia Bhatt has revealed, during the film has done the bathroom on the road

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Student of the Student of the Year “Alia Bhatt got the best actress trophy in iifa for her movie Flyer, Punjab. Alia Bhatt has also made a huge disclosure. But it reveals, they are not for “Flying Punjab”. Rather, your mother is about another movie “Highway”.

Actually recently, Alia Bhatt told during an interview. That he was shooting for the Highway movie because of Imtiaz Ali. So they had to go to the bathroom only in the public place. The same is said by Alia Bhatt. That all of us were roaming around for the shooting of the highway film. They said that we were traveling in a truck. And wherever we could see good light and good location. At the same time he would start his own suit.

Alia Bhatt also said that. That during that time he had no Vanity van at the time of shooting the film. And for them to be fresh at the time of shooting. Had to go to the side of the road and have a bathroom. There was a news at the same time. That during highway film shooting Everyone used to joke with them too. I can only see his back films.

During the same interview, Alia Bhatt was absolutely talking in a chill mood. So this can be judged by this. That is how much Alia Bhatt is doing for Imtiaz Ali’s film. If there was any other actress in the film instead of Alia Bhatt. So it is not so easy to shoot the film “Highway” for Imtiaz Ali. As much as Alia Bhatt made him easy.