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​Bollywood is going to show its fame, Delhi’s Anya Singh

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Yash Raj Production has always given Bollywood a new face.

If we talk about this production together within Bollywood, So Yash Raj Productions has given Bollywood a new face every time. If you see, Yash Raj Production House has seen a new pair of viewers every time. Now once again Yash Raj Production Then two new faces are going to bring Bollywood into Bollywood. Actually these two new faces are named. Ananya Singh and Darshan Jain

Let me know Jain is the grandson of Raj Kapoor.

In fact, going to debut in Bollywood from Yash Raj production house. Respect Jain is the son of Raj Kapoor’s daughter Rima Sen.

If seen, Kapoor and Khan have the same secret on Bollywood.

You all know well too. That Kapoor and Khan only rule in Bollywood. The same new artist daily comes to Mumbai to make his film career. Talk about the city of Mumbai. So this city is the city of dreams. Once again, Yash Raj produced a new face of Kapoor family to decide how to cast his film I. Or how wrong it is. This will be known after the film is released.

Yash Raj produced information about the film with these two new faces through Twitter.

In fact, Yash Raj Films produced information from his twitter account, asking for the launch of Adarsh ​​Jain and Ananya Singh in his next film, tweeted his twitter account.

Adarsh ​​Jain is the brother of Ranbir.

Talk about Ananya Singh, who lives in Delhi. So there is no background with Ananya Singh’s films. Talk about the same level. So seeing the level, the level is visible. Ananya Singh will soon be seen with Ranbir’s brother Dara Jain in her debut movie.

Ananya Singh was selected by famous casting director Shanno Sharma.

In fact, Ananya Singh, who lives in Delhi, was chosen by Bollywood’s famous casting director Shanno Sharma. Actually, Yashraj production house asked Shanno Sharma to find two new talented faces. After this, the famous casting director Shanno Sharma did a lot of auditions. Delhi’s Anya Singh and Dara Jain selected.

Both of these faces were selected in two rounds.

Actually tell you. That Anja Singh of Delhi and Mussor casting director Shanno Sharma met in a pub. The same Shanna Sharma asked Anya to give an audition. After that, Ani Singh, a resident of Delhi, went to audition. And in the second round, Anya was selected for the film.

Delhi and Bollywood have deep connection

Actually, that’s because. Because Bollywood stars from Shahrukh Khan to Ranvir Singh, big big superstars live in Delhi. This time Delhi girl Ananya Singh is also going to debut in Bollywood. Actually Anya Singh belongs to a Punjabi family. And let me tell you here. It is also from the University of Delhi that the education of Ananya was done.

Yash Raj Production House has signed contracts for three films with Ananya Singh.

Let me tell you by the way. That through the other Singh Yashraj Production House Is going to debut in Bollywood With this, this Yash Raj Production House has contracted three consecutive films with Anya Singh. Because of that, he can not work with anyone other than the Yash Raj Production House.

That’s what you tell me. Habib Faizal, who directs the film like “Ishqzade”, will direct the film.

All of you have seen Arjuna Kapoor starrer “Ishqzade”. The film was directed by Faizal. And this time Habib Faizal will also direct the first film of these two new faces.

Yash Raj Production is going to introduce Bollywood in the coming days for even more new faces.
Actually tell you. That Yashraj Productions gives entry to new faces in Bollywood. Apart from the respected Jain and Anya Singh, Yash Raj production and also are looking for new faces. And in the coming time, all those new faces will be seen in Bollywood.