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​The father of Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor was suspicious of having his gay

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Arjun Kapoor, who has given superhit films like “Gunde” and “Ki and Ka”, is now engaged in the promotion of his upcoming film Mubarakan. In front of the media during the promotion of its film He opened one such big thing of his life. You will be surprised at what you hear.

Actually Arjun Kapoor said, that when he was about 20 years old. So they did not have any car. That time he used to go to the nightclub with all his friends over the night with his father’s Mercedes. Actually, the main reason for carrying your father’s Mercedes was also this. Because if you take an expensive car in the nightclub. So you get entry in the nightclub with ease.

Actually Arjun Kapoor also told this. That happened repeatedly three to four times. So his father Bonni Kapoor got some tension. After all, one day Arjun Kapoor asked his father, Bobby Kapoor, in a serious currency. Do you have any girlfriends? Asked by your papa. Answering this question. Arjun Kapoor said that he goes to the nightclub in the night with his three-four friends, not with his girlfriend.

The same was given by Arjun Kapoor. Nobody can relax on this answer. But the tension of Arjun Kapoor’s father Bonnie Kapoor increased even more And with its increased concern. He asked Arjun Kapoor. Whether it is straight. That same Arjun Kapoor was raised on his sexuality. There was a lot of shock from this question.
The same Arjun Kapoor again told the media. That’s when their father said this and then they got very angry on this matter. But now he laughs much by remembering that of his father Bobby Kapoor. No one but Arjun is concerned about his children, every parent. And it happens in every way. Talk about Boney Kapoor if he is the same. So on today’s date, Boney Kapoor will also laugh at his mind by remembering this question.