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Seeing the Body of MTV’s Popular Stunt Best Reality Show Roadies, Winner Shweta Mehta will say, WOW …

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The girls of Haryana also did the same. Name of Haryana Chhori Shweta Mehta of Haryana, winner of MTV’s “Popular Stunt Best Reality Show Roadies Rising”

That’s what you remember. You have seen the auditions of the Roadies. So, Shweta Mehta, who had the best fitness during her audition in Chandigarh, had lifted the Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh on his shoulder and pushed him to the heats. And this amazing Shveta Mehta gave him entry into the roadies.

Let it tell you. Shubha Mehta is an engineer of fitness and personality Bali. Shweta has done GJU, Hisar BTech in 2009. After completing the studies, Shweta Mehta has been working for ITI. Went to Bengaluru For 5 years Shweta Mehta has a job in IT company After that he quit his job and made his pension fitness.

Talk about the father of the Roadies Winner Shweta Mehta So their father is a grain wholesaler. And his mother is a teacher.

Shweta Mehta for MTV Roadies Chandigarh had gone and auditioned. During the audition, when a task was done by Shweta Mehta, Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh was sitting on his shoulders and pushups too. At that time all the judges of the Roadies in the audition were surprised to see. Seeing the potential of Shweta Mehta, Randivijay, Harbhajan, Karan Kundra and Neha Dhupia, the Judges of the Roadies, greeted Shweta Mehta and greeted her. And he was selected by all the judges of the show.

 At the same time, Winner of Roadies Shweta Mehta said. That used to wear small clothes for fitness for them. Because of which he had to face much displeasure with his family members too. The same has been told by Sweta Mehta. That they do not care about this at all Paid full attention to your fitness and worked hard. And in the case of fitness, one step forward went one step further.

The same Roadies winner Shweta Mehta said during an interview that Neha wanted Mamma. That’s a show of the Roadies that won a girl this time. When my name was taken for Roadies. So he was most happy. After that, Sweta Mehta said. That I again promised Neha Mam, that if I won this show of Roadies. So their stylish hair should also be styled. After that Shweta Mehta said that both of us fulfilled their promise.

Let me tell you this also. That are included in the world’s best fitness athlete. 28-year-old Shweta Mehta And tell you Shweta Mehta has won the 2016 Women’s Fitness Model Championships.

The same Roadies winner Shweta Mehta said that coming from a small town and doing so hard. And reaching it is like having a dream come true. At the same time he told that to reach this destination, to reach the destination. They have to face too many difficulties.

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