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​Sharad Yadav and Pawan Verma will join the Cabinet of Modi Government in Modi government

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In Bihar, suddenly the air of politics has changed completely, after the change in power in Bihar. That is the possibility of a complete change in the Union Cabinet list now. In fact, you can tell Rajya Sabha MP from the JDU party quota Sharad Yadav and Pawan Verma may be included in the list of Union Cabinet. According to the fact that JD Two MPs from Rajya Sabha Sharad Yadav and Pawan Verma can get a place in the Union Cabinet and one MP from Bihar Responsibility can also be found in the Rimandal

Talking about the same Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Cabinet, the possibility of reshuffle in the list of his Cabinet has accelerated. In fact, according to the full find, former National President of JDU Party and currently I get Rajya Sabha MP Sharad Yadav in the Union Cabinet list. And at the same time JD (U) party, I also sent another Rajya Sabha MP Pawan Verma to the Minister of State Can be incorporated into Ntrimondl list

Let me also tell you that Nitish Kumar, the national president of JDU, had resigned as Chief Minister of Bihar on Wednesday. Let him tell you that Nitish Kumar will be the Chief Minister of Bihar once again after resigning from the post of Chief Minister. After a year, in the state of Bihar, the BJP will once again be seen in the government, due to this change in Bihar’s politics, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Also tell you has intensified preparations changes Ntri list. In the current era of JDU, former Rajya Sabha MP from the party Sharad Yadav will get a place in the list of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Union Cabinet.

Nitish Kumar will once again become the Chief Minister of Bihar after resigning as Chief Minister of Bihar and tell you that Bihar will be sworn in as the Chief Minister of Bihar for the sixth time, while Nitish Kumar will be sworn in as the Chief Minister of JDU. You can also see the employees of the ministry of effectiveness and also tell you that in the days of BJP coming to power in Bihar, The party’s ministers is the office of the Deleting name plate of their names will see huge changes in the state cabinet after the government

Many people also said that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has returned home after the change of power by Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar by the same JD (U) President Nitish Kumar and he should tell you that after 4 years, the Bharatiya Janata Party He will come to power tell you that the main reason for Bihar’s change in power is the CBI probe against Lalu, actually against ED and CBI investigations against Lalu Alu said it went started souring in all Nitish Kumar has been saying it since Lalu and Nitish relationship and then became regime change in Bihar