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# BB11 Sapna Chaudhary like a shadow behind Arshi Khan

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Seeing 10 episodes in the popular “Show Big Boss 11”, which is aired on Colors TV, so far the coolest episode was to see the last 9 episodes, so compared to those episodes, there were fewer fight wars in this episode. Chaudhary now has lost his hands behind Arshi Khan, in fact, Arshi Khan had called Sapna Chaudhary a dancer, obviously it was a matter of pride, and it was a dream that Sapna Chaudhary was hurt, on the other hand, Interpretation and kowtow Kalra said Love card that is played. He has now come Tvist.

A few days ago Punish Sharma and Bandagi Kalra were seen saying this to Elan Kalra. That he was to make all the people fools. False love will play. But now the friendship of Love Tyagi and Bande Kalra is going on. Punit Sharma is feeling very secure from this friendship himself. Not only this, Puneet Sharma has instructed the bandgi to stay away from love.

On the other hand, Arshi Khan made a comment about the celebration of the dream of famous Sapna Chaudhary. In fact, Arshi Khan had described Sapna Chaudhary as a dancer. This made Sapna Chaudhary very angry. Sapna Chaudhary now looks like Arshi Khan behind Saa. To trouble Arshi Khan. Sapna Chaudhary started singing songs. And they started walking around. Troubled Arshi Khan told Bigg Boss that he called Sapna Chowdhury in the Confession Room. But Big Boss did not listen to Arshi Khan’s plea. After that Arshi Khan tried to get rid of Sapna Chaudhary. Shilpa went to ask for help. And Shilpa did not even help Arshi Khan.