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​# BB11, Vikas Gupta becomes the first Captain of the house, Hina has had a quarrel

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Colors TV Channel’s popular show Bigg Boss has been chosen as the first Captain of the house on the 11th day of season 11. Capt Task happened between Punish and Vikas Gupta. Development by the support of the same house became the captain and became the captain of the house. After being a Captain, Vikas Gupta has got many special rights in the house. According to the rules, Vikas Gupta will be protected from this week’s nomination.

Big Boss told all the households that they should tell it through their mutual consent. Which two members should be the claimants for Captain Task. Along with this, Big Boss also said that two contenders are members. The luxury of which I was the best of the parade. The people gave the name of Hina and Punish to Capt Task by mutual consent.

But the four neighbors overturned the decisions of all the households. Actually, the Big Boss has given a special right to the neighbors. Taking advantage of that Neighbors removed Hina from the claim of Captain Task and chose Vikas Gupta instead.

After that there was a task to become Captain between Punish and Vikas Gupta. For families of their favorite contenders in Tasks The Big Boss had to give his personal stuff to the Big Boss. For Vikas Gupta, the householders handed their personal belongings to the Big Boss Boss Big Boss Big Boss. And thus Vikas Gupta became the first Captain of the Big Boss Season 11.

Hina could also become Captain But in the eleventh day and the 12th episode, there was a fiercely debate between Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan. Perhaps this is the reason why Hina Khan had to crown his captaincy. With this, you should tell you that Hina was supported by 11 members of the house’s 16 members to Captain Hina, Captain Hina, to house Captain Hina, to make Captain’s house Captain contenders. But there was between Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan. Due to the debate, the neighbors used special powers. Instead of Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta became the claimant.