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​Kapil Sharma’s forthcoming film ‘Firangi”s motion picture continues

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Kapil Sharma Sharma Sharma’s film ‘Firangi’, which has made its debut for millions of people from its comedy, has been released. In this motion picture released comedy Kapil Sharma is seen in different avatars.

Let’s tell you now. About the star cast of Kapil Sharma’s forthcoming film ‘Firangi’ See more about director of this movie and the release date of this film. Motion Picture of Kapil Sharma’s forthcoming film ‘Firangi’

Kapil Sharma’s second release, ‘Firangi’ has been directed by his friend and director and director Rajeev Dhingra. Apart from Kapil Sharma, Ishita Dutta will also be seen in this movie. Let me tell you that Let us tell you that Ishita Dutt has already shown his acting in Ajay Devgn starrer ‘Darshan’.

Looks at the motion picture and looks and feels That this movie will be quite fun. Also tell you, tell you that Kapil Sharma’s forthcoming film Firangi will be released on November 24. Kapil Sharma himself is the producer of Kapil Sharma’s own film. Along with this, Sony Pictures also took over the responsibility of Kapil Sharma’s production of this film.

If there is a lot of stories of Kapil Sharma’s upcoming Firangi, then talk about it. So this film is based on the backdrop of the British. In this movie you will get plenty of comedy. Not only this, Raju Shrivastav will also be seen in the guest guest rolls in this film.

Comedian Kapil Sharma, who have come on Sony TV, have taken their show from their show on their show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ with their show. The reason for this is their illness, disease sickness. But let me tell you that soon once again Kapil Sharma will be seen laughing with his comedy.