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​Sanjay Dutt’s biopic, Ranbir’s new photo

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His fans are eagerly waiting for Sanjay Dutt’s biopic film film to be made. Ranbir Kapoor in Sanjay Dutt’s film Sanjay Dutt will play Sanjay Dutt’s character in Sanjay Dutt’s film. Actor Ranbir Kapoor has done tremendous tremendous transformation for this biopic film. This is how he looked like Sanjay Dutt. On the social media site Ranbir Kapoor’s photo of a camphor is getting very viral.

You will see this photo carefully. So in this photo Ranbir Kapoor Kapoor physics to body language seems to be a copy of Sanju Baba. But you will be amazed to know this. That this photo is not really Ranbir Kapoor. Actually you see this photo of Sanjay Dutt. This photo belongs to that time. When Sanjay Dutt went to the muscle in the court of the court. Someone has edited this photo in this way. That’s exactly what Ranbir Kapoor used to see this photo. In this photo, the face of Ranvir Kapoor was removed by simply removing Sanju Baba’s face.