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​#BB11: Priyank Sharma’s entry into the house, two families are surprised

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Bigg Boss Season 11, the first TV show to come to the Colors TV Channel, is continuing to quarrel among the people. The audience is very entertaining to this fights between the same house. Now Big Boss’s house is going to have two wild card entries among the people. One is ‘dhinchek Pooja’ of ‘Selfie I took today’ and the other is Priyank Sharma. Whom the Big Boss had homeless from the house a few days ago. In fact, Priyank became a scapegoat in the development and battle of the sky. Because of this Priyank Sharma had to be homeless from the Big Boss’s house. 

After making Priyank Sharma homeless from the Big Boss house, people supported Priyank Sharma on social media very much. And they were very supportive to take them back to the show. People said on social media that Priyank Sharma should get another chance. Now that Big Boss gave them to Because Priyanka Sharma is going to get re-entry in Bigg Boss. While Priyank Sharma’s entry into the house of Big Boss, where happiness is seen on the face of development. Then the parrots of the same face and face of the sky are blown away. Punish and Akash are not being believed. Priyank Sharma has come back to the Big Boss house. Right now it is to see now. That’s what Priyank Sharma did after coming back to Big Boss’s house.