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​Such a reaction by Aamir Khan seeing the song “Selfie I ..” by Dhinchak Pooja

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Bollywood actor Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan recently released the Secret Superstar movie. Jaira Waseem’s character gets much more fame from this movie in this movie. After that, Aamir Khan Jaira gives a platform to that Talent of Wasim. At the same time Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood believes in Aamir Khan Real Life too. If anybody wants to do so, he can make his name in the whole world on his own. Many such people have given their talents to social media sites. The name comes in this list. Dinkacha Puja too. Due to this fame from the social media site, Dhininka Puja is part of the popular reality show Big Boss Season 11.

In the same media talk, Aamir Khan said about Dinkacha Puja. I also found out that the girl named Pooja Jain (Dhinchak Pooja) is getting tremendous trends on social media sites. The same Amir Khan also said that I was told. That worship is not a good singer at all. Yet, it is a huge hit on social media sites. Aamir Khan said that then I also thought how it could be. Even if there is no good singing and still hits on social media sites. At the same time, Aamir Khan said that after seeing the two songs “I have a shooter of hearts my scooter” and “selfie took me today” I understood this. That he is very unique Aamir Khan said that people see him because. Because they enjoy watching it. Even people watch their video to even unlock their video. Aamir Khan also said that if he is hit on social media sites. So what’s wrong in this matter. it’s so great. That she does not sing well But still there is a lot of hits.