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​In the third week, the film will probably not be able to earn Golmaal again.

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Film Golmaal Again made a very good start at the box office. But now the earnings of the movie Golmaal Again have started falling. The hopes of reaching the 200 million club of filmmaker Golmagal Agne directed by Rohit Shetty is now shocked.

Film Golmaal Again became the second highest grossing film on the third backend, after the year’s movie Bahubali-The-Conquuelation. But in the third week, on Wednesday, Golmaal Agen got only one crore 60 lakh collections. In the second week, Golmala Agen collected collections of three to four million every day. In the third week, the earnings of film Golmaal Agen have become fragile. This is the reason. That this film probably could not even touch the 200 million figure. Net India collection of film Golmaal Agen is now worth Rs 196 crore 85 lakhs. This film earned Rs. 136 crores in the first weekend. The movie Golmaal Again earned Rs 31.44 crore in the second weekend. This is the third week collection of Golmaal Agen. 

Friday, November 3, 2013 

Saturday 4 November 3 million 69 lakhs 

Sunday 5 November 4 crore 85 lakhs 

Monday, November 6th, 12 million rupees 

Tuesday 7th November 1 crore 2 lakh rupees 

Wednesday 8 November, 1 million 6 lakh rupees