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​This girl did a great dance with Sunny Leone, seen millions of people on the internet Video

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Social media sites are such a platform. Where there is a photo or video or any news becomes viral with very fast speed. Nowadays, a video on social media sites is becoming viral with very fast speed. In this video, a girl is doing a great dance of Shah Rukh Khan’s “Rais” song, the dance has been so good that this girl is fighting Sunny Leone.

The song “Laila I Laila”, which was released this year, all of you must have heard. The same song that Sunny Leonei liked was liked by the people, the same youth liked this song so much that People followed the dance steps of this song and uploaded videos to social media sites.

Actually this video has been uploaded on social media sites YouTube by a channel named Smile Singh. This video I see this girl is doing a lot of dance. The girl dancing in this video has not only played one or two songs but has consistently danced. First of all, he dances on the song “Layla I Laila”, after which he has danced a lot of drama on “Dance Night” and then “Radha Teri Chunari”. This video has been seen 31 lakh times so far.