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BiggBoss: Arshi Khan will no longer see you Nighty

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The popular show “Big Boss” is always in the discussion with some of the things coming out on the Colors TV channel. Actually, this time, on Tuesday, Arshi Khan did something like this, whose householders did not even expect the audience to do it. In fact, when Vikas Gupta got the number to nominate, Big Boss told Vikash Gupta that if Arshi Khan gives all his nity to Bigg Boss, then you can save yourself from the nomination. When Vikas Gupta asked Arshi Khan to give all his nights to the Big Boss, Arshi Khan was thinking for a while and after that a little laugh and then convinced this condition to save Vikas Gupta. 

According to the condition, Arshi Khan took all her nity and kept it in the store room. Save Vikas Gupta from the nomination. In the house of Big Boss, Arshi Khan was seen in Max Nityi. But now you will not be seen in that nite. Because Arshi Khan has given all her nity to the Big Boss now. Another coup of the same Big Boss Punishish and Bandi. To save the culprit, the bandi kept his two clothes and handed over the rest of the clothes to the Big Boss. That is to say, the Big Boss took all the clothes of two members of the house. 

With this, let us tell you that the best and funeral development in this Nomination Task is Vikas Gupta’s development. The same can be seen that Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde have never been formed between them. There would always be a feud between them. All you must have seen on TV. At the same time, between these two, there is a good friendship. And this is the story of the Big Boss house Gossip remains.