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​#BB: This actor called Hina Khan Ghajni and Bandi Kalra as Friend Emraan Hashmi

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Popular TV show on the Colors TV Channel, Big Boss’s Contestant Punish Sharma and Bandagi Kalra have been in the limelight for their closeness. While looking at the actions of Punish Sharma and Bande Kalra. Viner Vindu Dara Singh of Big Boss Season 3 made his statement. Tweeting on social media site Twitter Vindu Dara Singh has told the bandi a family affair, Imran Hashmi. Perhaps you may know that in the house of Big Boss, Captain’s task was recently held between the contests. Regarding this, Vindu Dara Singh wrote on the social media site Twitter that “the house-maker Imran Hashmi will be the new captain.” Probably you all know or not, Kalra and Punish Sharma, many times in front of the camera, while watching Leplock Kiss Came.

The same Vindu Dara Singh described Hina Khan as the ghazni of Big Boss’s house.

Vindu Dara Singh is not just a part of the popular show Big Boss. Rather than follow this popular show for a long time. The same Vindu Dara Singh has not commented on the bandi Kalra only. Rather, he has also commented on Hina and Akash Dadlani after the recent nomination process.

In fact, to save Hina in this time of nomination, Love had written Zero on her forehead with Mehdi. But heena took the help of make-up to hide the jeera on the forehead of love.

Hina was doing this when it was doing. So Big Boss ordered Heena that she can not do this at all. But due to his mistake, he got nominated. Just about this, Vindu Dara Singh compared Hina Khan to Ghazni.

The same Vindu Dara Singh, after the wild look of Akash Dadlani, has given him the name Talka devil.