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​Millimeters of Bollywood film ‘3 Idiots’ have changed so much in 8 years, see photos

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All of you have seen the Bollywood movie ‘3 Idiots’. This film was not the only Aamir Khan. Who praised. Every actor playing a role in the film praised it. In the film ‘3 Idiots’, every actor was praised by Kareena Kapoor, Boman Irani, R Madhavan. Ommi, who played Chasur Ramalingam in the same movie ‘3 Idiots’, had won the hearts of everyone. In the same film an actor played millimeter also. His character pulled the attention of the people towards him. Actually this character was played by Rahul Kumar in the film ‘3 Idiots’. His character was also praised by the people.

But do you know that the small millimeter of ‘3 idiots’ will now be so big. So today you get it from millimeter.

Bollywood movie ‘3 Idiots’ has been released for 8 years. And in these 8 years, the look of actor Rahul Kumar has changed completely. Now he has become quite handsome.

You will understand the pictures of actor Ramkumar himself. Actor Rahul Kumar is currently enjoying his life completely. You can also view their photos by visiting social media sites instagram.

In fact, actor Rahul Kumar will be seen in the upcoming film ‘Brunei the film’. Actress Avneet Kaur will also be seen in the film along with her.

In addition to Bollywood movies, Bollywood actor Rahul Kumar has also worked in many commercials. Apart from this, they have also worked in many TV shows. As if ‘Nevertheless do not say … badatmees heart’, ‘yam hoon hum’, ‘blue umbrella’