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​You will not recognize this actress who has worked with Salman Khan

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All of you have seen Bollywood superstar Salman Khan starrer “Sanam Bevfa”. Which came in 1991. In the film “Sanam Bevfa”, the actress Chandni also appeared in the lead role with Salman Khan.

Actress Chandni married British girl in 1994 and settled in Orlando. After that actress Chandni got away from Bollywood’s limelight. Indeed, nowadays actress Chandni runs her own dance studio in Orlando.

The Bollywood film “Sanam Bevfa” was remixed in Bengali in the year 1995. This film was named “Dhyan Mohar” in Bengali language.

With this, let me tell you that the actress was Chandni’s debut film, “Sanam Bevfa”. That proved to be a super-duper hit at the box office. Actress Chandni had worked in many other Bollywood films as well. But all the films could not show up at the box office.