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​Looked up in Bikini Avatar, “Badho Bahu” Ritasha Rathore

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All of you have seen the popular TV serial “Badho Bahu” then. In this show, actress Ritasha Rathore, who plays Komal, is seen in a very trendy look in the serial. But in the same real life it is extremely hot and bold.

Indeed, Actress Ritasha Rathore, who was filming the holiday in Goa, was seen in Bikini Avatar. Actress Ritasha Rathore has also shared her holiday photos on her social media sites.

You can also check the photo of them by going to the social media site instagram. During the holiday celebrating in Goa, he has shared a lot of hot and bold photos.

Tell me if television actress Ritasha Rathore “Badho Bahu” serial is the first serial. Ritasha is quite active on social media sites Instagram.