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​This model accused Arshi Khan, “5-5 thousand rupees I sell, every town is husband”

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Arshi Khan, who is seen showing her status by crossing all the limits of boldness in the popular TV show Big Boss, told herself as Afghanistan. But let me tell you that it is from Bhopal. At the same time, Arshi lied about her age. Actually this is revealed by the South Actress Gehna Vashishta. Not only this, Jewel Vashisth accused Arshi Khan of selling it for five to five thousand rupees.

The name of the South Actress and model named Gehna Vashisht is Vandana Tiwari. And it was born in Chirmiri of Chhattisgarh. Gehna Vashist has done BE in computer science from All Sentence Engineering College, Bhopal. Apart from this, he has also worked in many channels including Bhaskar TV. Gehna Vashisht, after modeling for the Moto Carlo brand, made her career in the film Ad Actress Gehna Vashist has worked in 70 Ad Films so far. And let’s tell you that Gehna Vashitta has also seen the show of ‘Star Plus’ ‘Bheene’ and MTV’s ‘Two Life’ shows. Gehna Vashisth has also shown her acting in Hindi and Telugu films.

Gehna has also been in dispute many times along with Arshi Khan. On the insult of the same Tricolor, Shiv Sena has attacked the women’s unit, Actress Gehna. Gehna is giving a very provocative statement not only for Arshi but also for all the contenders of Big Boss. On the other hand, Gehna has claimed that the content of the Bigg Boss show Arshi Khan is married.

The same when Gehna was asked that you have made several serious allegations, including selling for money on Arshi. So many of these allegations are true.

Replying to this, Gehna said that yes it is absolutely true. Arshi Khan is sold for five to five thousand rupees. Along with this, Gehna said that the city which he also goes to. There is no other husband or any of her boyfriends there.

The same when asked Gehna. Is it Arshi wrong about her age and academic ability to go to the Big Boss Show?

Replying to this, Gehna said that yes, I have all the documents available at all. And it has been proven. That Arshi Khan has hid her age.

If the same is seen, then in the popular show Big Boss, there is no restriction of age or education. Then why did Arshi hide his age?

Replying to this, Gehna said that Arshi has been discussing more than many wrong reasons. Due to these reasons, he was greatly shunned. That is why he wanted to conceal his identity by concealing his age. But on social media sites YouTube, their name and their video are very popular. In such a situation, he could not even change his name.

When asked with the Gehna, Arshi has married a 50-year-old man. So who is the flowing person and where he lives.

The Gehna responded by saying that the person is very gentle. And I know him personally well. And Arshi troubled that person very much after marriage. And that person does not want to come in front of the media anymore.

The same Gehna was asked when it was asked. Are you doing all this to earn cheap popularity on Arshi’s name?

So, answering this question, Gehna did not say that’s not exactly the case. History of Arshi is very tarnished. Along with that he said that I am very sorry for this. That he belongs to the same city. From where I studied. Along with this, Gehna said that I am very sad about this. That he is defaming the name of a beautiful city like Bhopal.