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​This actress has become a victim of sexual harassment, Real Life is Hot and Bold

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All of you have seen the “Utran” popular show on TV. TV Actress Tina Dutta, who played the role of Iccha Bahu in this show, has turned 26 years old. Actress Tina Dutta was born on November 27, 1991. And tell you that TV Actress Tina Datta is a victim of sexual heritage.

In fact, in December last year, TV actress Tina Dutta was going to Mumbai from Rajkot to attend an event. At the same time a passenger in the flight touched them wrongly. TV actress Tina Dutta complained about this. But no action was taken of their complaints.

Actress Tina Datta, who plays Sidi Sadi Bahu in TV, is very hot and bold in Real Life. Actress Tina Dutta told during an interview about the incident of tampering with her.

Actress Tina Dutta told during the interview that “I roamed the whole world. But this never happened to me. Actress Tina Dutta said that I was going to Rajkot to attend the event. And in my flight the seat number 30A was done and my manager was seated at the seat number 30C. My manager and my manager were talking among themselves. Then I realized that someone is slipping away from his side. Tina Dutta said that the passenger sitting at number 31A tried to tamper with me and she started touching me wrongly.

The same actress Tina Dutta said that at first I thought that maybe there would be a child. But as soon as I looked back and forth. So I was fascinated that the child was not a good old man. As soon as I screamed with speed, he felt stuttering and then he apologized.

Actress Tina Dutta is one of the most popular actresses in the TV industry. Actress Tina Dutta worked at serial “Sister Nivedita” at the age of 5. And it has also worked as a child artist in many films. Let us tell you that Actress Tina Dutta has also worked with Bollywood Actress Aishwarya Rai at the age of 16, in the Bengali film “Chokhar Bali”.

Apart from this, Actress Tina Dutta has also starred in the film “Parineeta” (2005) and “Bangla” film “Chirodni Tumi Jai Amar” (2008). In the same popular TV serial descent from 2008 to 2015, it has been a lead actress. In this serial, Actress Tina Dutta plays the role of wish and sweet. Apart from this, Tina Dutta has also appeared in reality shows. Actress Tina Dutta is currently playing Damini in the TV show “Shani”.