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​Demonstrate the filthy demand by the broker in front of the actress in the name of getting the roll

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Casting couch is not a new thing in the film city. The same actors are now talking about this. TV actress Suslagna Chatterjee also did the same. Indeed, TV Actress Suslagna Chatterjee shared the conversation with an agent on social media sites. After sharing this chat, people came in support of TV Actress, Suligana Chatterjee.

Cleveland Chatterjee clarified the matter completely and said that no major producer or director ever tried to offer such an offer to him. But this is the middle man and agent. It always does the same kind of movement. Indeed, TV Actress, Susagana Chatterjee, shared the conversation with an agent on social media sites Instagram.

The same TV actress, Suljana Chatterjee, said that I did not share this post to get any publicity. He said that the smugna said that I remembered about how my number was shared with that agent. And then 1 day suddenly I got the message of that agent I am being given daily for a Bollywood project. The same time when I first came to know of this, I was very happy. But later that agent told me to compromise, I refused the agent. But she continued to keep calling me repeatedly.

If not seen then this is not the first episode. Even before this, all these things have happened with many Bollywood actresses. From actress Vidya Balan to Radhika Apte, she has been talking openly about such accidents.