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​Actress Shilpa Shinde will not see this hot and bold picture

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All of you have seen the popular TV serial “Bhabhi ji ghar pr hain” Actress Shilpa Shinde, who has played a lead role in this serial, is seen in the house of the popular TV serial “Big Boss 11”. Shilpa Shinde has stepped into the house of “Big Boss 11” Since then, he has remained in the headlines.

Actually, on the first day of this show, he got involved with Vikas Gupta. And for the next 5 weeks Shilpa and Vikas fights remain in the headlines. But that is to be seen now. So the hostility between the two is probably over.

Actors Shilpa and Vikas both have been seen changing the colors of the popular TV show “Big Boss Season 11” of Colors TV Channel. In the first week of the same show, Shilpa Shinde made Vikas Gupta very upset. After that there has been a lot of change in Vikas Gupta. Shilpa Shinde has also changed very slowly towards the same fine development Gupta.

TV actress Shilpa Shinde is getting a lot of love from people outside the Big Boss house 11. The same thing is seen now, Shilpa Shinde is currently the strongest constable in the house.

This Friday saw the crying of Shilpa Shinde Arshi in the telecasted episode after crying. And after that he was seen fully supporting Vikas Gupta in the captive task given by Big Boss. Even Shilpa did dance for them.

The same Shilpa Shinde was supporting other members in Big Boss’s house. So Shilpa Shinde is getting support from outside the Big Boss house. Shilpa Shinde’s fan follow-up is also continuously growing. And on the social media sites Twitter, “Shilpa Winning Hearts” started tremendously.

And let you know that more than 329 thousand tweets have been done with # on Twitter on social media sites. In fact, these tweets made in support of any contester are very much in the statistics.

The house members said that Shilpa Shinde was very good at playing the actress. And he is also the most Strongest member in the Big Boss house. The same Vikas Gupta also praised Shilpa Shinde and said that she is a very good actress.