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X Miss Jammu put the people in the name of Ajay Devgan to save 200 crores, read the full story

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Often, Anara Gupta, who has remained in the discussion and Miss Jammu, may know you. In fact, Anara Gupta is once again trapped in a large contrusion. Actually this time the matter is a little bigger. Actually, Anara Gupta is accused of betting 200 crore people in the name of Bollywood superstar Ajay Devgn. At present, Anara Gupta is absconding in this case.

According to the same information, the police told that Anara Gupta had opened a media house in association with some people. And this media house was named Enterprise Media and Private Limited. And this media house director Anara Gupta was created. In fact, the work of these people was to collect money from people in the name of films.

And tell you that they used to tell people who give the money. That his media house is very soon to make a film with Ajay Devgan. And when the movie will be released. Then after that all the money will be returned to you. There were many fake agents in many of the media houses of this media house company. Who also used to organize seminars there. And used to inspire people to give money.

There were many such people. Who gave a huge amount in the name of Bollywood superstar Ajay Devgn. At present the police is looking for Anara Gupta, who lives in Miss Jammu. And, along with this, tell you that Anara Gupta has been trapped in a sex CD Scandal before this. After which Anara Gupta was arrested by the police.