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​The beauty of this model is the whole world, people call it ‘Queen of Dark’

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What do you think is beauty. You can say who is beautiful. Is it just beauty to have clean color and good nan-map? This definition of beauty in our society goes through such questions. That’s what everyone thinks about. That which is blonde is the most beautiful. But everything created by that God is very beautiful in itself. If you do not believe in this thing at all. So once you see the ‘Queen of Dark’ Neckim Gatewaych, you must watch

Tell you that the model of Southern Sudan, Nykim Gattechch, is very angry on its color. They believe their black color is not a curse for them. And that’s why the model Nykim Gattech’s dark screen is doing a lot of work on social media sites.

And let me tell you that the name given to Nyakim was not given to anyone by the Queen of Darkness. Rather, the name given by the world of the Internet is given to them only.

That is if God has given you this color. Or you have found any. He should definitely honor his achievement and respect him. And same southern Sudan model Nykim Gattech did the same. He does not hate at all from his dark screen.

The model says Nykim Gattech. That this black color is a boon given to God. And he respects this boon given to God. And they love it too much.

That’s what Nikam Gaitwech says. That I get too much positive energy from this dark skin of my skin. Nyakim says that my dark color is too lucky for me.

The model Nykim Gattech said that many such occasions have come in his life. That she bleach her screen color. Because people used to call them ugly. And laugh at them There was a time when ‘Queen of Dark’ was not considered as attractive at all.

Nykim Gattech says ahead. In the beginning it was a very bad experience for me. But then I went ahead with positive thinking about my dark color.

Model Nykim Gattech said that when he came to USA for modeling. Then due to its dark color I faced a lot of criticism. But let us tell you that this has greatly increased Nyakim’s courage.

And let you know that this model of Southern Sudan is also being discussed in the modeling world today. And he is also seen on the cover page of many popular magazines. It’s just a sight of beauty. Which he has reached today.