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​Hrithik Roshan, see photos in his new look with his children

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Bollywood’s very capable, and dashing actor Hrithik Roshan himself has a different style. Because of that, he is in the headlines for the coming days. They pay equal attention to their children as well as work.

Recently, on Sunday, he was seen walking with his two sons in Mumbai’s Bandra market in jeans and T-shirts. He was quite young and different in that outfit.

Let me tell you that Hrithik and Susan have been freed from the bondage of marriage after 14 years, but this couple can be seen together at a very opportune time. Sometimes, for children’s sake, sometimes for their own sake, although on that day the Hrithik children were alone with their eyes.

Hrithik Roshan Goggles seemed to be quite styling icons on that day. His guards were also with him. After the movie “Kabil”, one of his films has not yet been released. His Fan Folowser is eagerly waiting for the arrival of a 30-bit biopic based on Hrithik Mathematician Anand Kumar.