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​These 5 beautiful TV actresses left for marriage, acting

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Everybody can do every work I do in the world, not so easy. And it is difficult for the girl to play the real role. The girl does not have to think about herself alone, she has to think about every person in the world. Which is related to his life. It can also be said for our actresses. Those who leave the world of television decide to pay attention only to the life of their real world.

Today we are going to tell about some such accresays. Who left for marriage or after marriage. His film career and made him bai bai!

Ekta Kaul

Ekta Kaul playing the role of Riya Mathur in Star Plus show ‘mere Angayne’, said goodbye to the TV. They decided to leave the show in the meantime. Ekta told that he was always looking for someone like this. Who understands them and with whom he can do things with ease. Now that their search has ended So it is impossible to get married and work together.

Deepika Kakad

Deepika Kakad of the popular TV serial ‘In-laws’ Simar Ka’, which has just released the show, has shuffled the screen with a small screen. Deepika is currently in Love Triangle with her co-star Shoaib Ibrahim. And tell you they are both engaged in wedding preparations. The decision to leave the show is done so that they can give each other more time before marriage.

Mihika varma

Mihika Verma gave a huge setback to everyone, leaving the popular TV serial “Ye Hai Mohabbatein” suddenly in the middle. The decision to marry a NRI from the US secretly got married in Delhi and she has shifted to the US with her husband. Mihika stuck to living life with a new dimension.

Neha Marda

Neha Marda and ‘Doli Armanon Ki Ke’, who played the title of Happy Jewelry in the TV serial ‘Balika Vadhu’, had married in 2012 and said that the TV world was goodbye. However, Neha had returned after the holiday. But after that, with his husband, Ayushman Agarwal, disappeared from the world of TTV.

Purabi Joshi

Purabi Joshi is the daughter of actress Sarita Joshi. Purbi Joshi got her first break show ‘Fasle’. He was a known face of the popular TV show ‘Comedy Circus’. Then suddenly disappeared. And there is no one to know about the present. Its American boyfriend Valentino Fehlman is very far from the east TV after getting married.