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​It is difficult to recognize both mother and daughter, because they are in discussion due to beauty

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Rashmi Sachdeva, who came to attend a private event in Jaipur. Let’s tell you that Rashmi Sachdeva has won the title of Misses Universe Euro Asia. Rashmi Sachdeva also has a daughter. For your information, please tell that Rashmi Sachdeva and her daughter live in great headlines on social media sites because of their beauty. Indeed, Rashmi chose her own modeling career only after her daughter’s say.

● Winner of the Misses Universe Euro Asia title Rashmi Sachdeva, at the age of 19, with Delhi’s chartered accountant Manoj Sachdeva. At that time Rashmi Sachdeva was in the first year of graduation.

● Their daughter was born on 13 September 1995. Rashmi also took over her daughter and also did her diploma in graduation and interior designing.

● Actually the daughter’s name is Aska. Aska is now 22 years old. And is studying English Honors from Delhi University. The same Rashmi Sachdeva had told during an interview. That I was too much interested to take photos from my childhood. I once sent my photo in a magazine, in my amateur style. And my photo became public in that magazine too.

● Rashmi talks about the entry of the same modeling world. That year there was a Mrs. Beauty Pageant in Delhi in 2015. In this one of my friends was participating. Only after seeing this, my daughter told me that Mummy should also try you in this. At first I refused him. But my daughter sat insisting for that contest. I then participated in that contest. And I got the title too. After that I also won the Misses India title. And after that I also got the title of Mrs. Asia International. From this, I went to Miss Universe, in Guangzhou, China. I was given the title of Mrs. Universe Golden Heart.

Rashmi has won these titles till now.

● Vibrant Misses Delhi-NCR 2015

● Mrs. Universe Golden Heart

● Mrs. Universe Eurasia

● Mrs. Exhibit 2016

● Elit Misses India 2016

Apart from this, Rashmi has been working with the Nivedita Foundation and the Vision Foundation along with the NGO for a long time.

Rashmi Sachdeva is often seen in the big event show in the country. Not only that, he also appears in many big product launches. Talk about Rashmi Sachdeva’s daughter. So their daughter is not less than any model. His daughter got the offer of Super Model of the World. But their daughter turned down the offer. Actually Rashmi’s daughter wants to make a career in home decor. And both of these are quite active on social media sites. Rashmi Sachdeva and her daughter’s beautiful social media sites are also very much appreciated.