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​Bollywood actor Dharmendra admits his mistake is the biggest mistake

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Who does not know the Bollywood legend Dharmendra On his best performance, he made everyone his fan. Dharmendra has made a different position in Bollywood. Dharmendra is not indulgent for any identity today. Bollywood actor Dharmendra has also given many super hit films to Hindi cinema.

Bollywood superstar Dharmendra was born on December 8, 1935 at Nasrali in Punjab. Dharmendra also tried his luck in politics apart from Bollywood. But the superstar of Bollywood was able to make his mark in Bollywood. But he could not get his coin in politics.

Bollywood actor Dharmendra’s life also got a lot of ups and downs. He also told Hema Malini that he always gave headlines in Dharmendra’s relationship. That Dharmendra considers his biggest mistake. Dharmendra said that politics is the biggest mistake of my life. That I went to politics and could not understand it at all.

Dharmendra said that this mistake has been done deliberately with me. I knew that political is a very dirty thing.I thought that a good man would not come and what kind of person would come and why would I come to politics to fix them all But I did not get my coin in politics and I came out of politics.