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​You will not love hate these villains of TV

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Talking about the film industry, there was a time too. When the villain’s image was said to be a dangerous sight in Bollywood movies. And the women who played Villain’s role in the family drama serial that came on the same television were also of aunt and grandma type. But now the time has changed. Actually villain is now quite handsome in films. And in the same television serial, villain is a beautiful lady. There are some such lady villains in the popular TV serials that are on the same television. The villain you will not hate, but love. In fact, a beautiful Lady of the TV serial is known for her beauty, along with her superb acting. Today we will tell you about some such villain. After seeing the beauty of you, you will also join their fan list.

Actress Lisa Jumani plays Tanu in the popular TV serial “Kumkum Bhagya”. Actually, his character is to create hatred between two people. But the same actress Lisa Zumani is so beautiful. Hardly anybody hate them. And let us tell you that Lisa is too heavy on the lead role of the TV serial “Kumkum Bhagya” due to its beauty.

You must have known all the actress Padh Khan. In fact, the popular TV serial “Nagin” plays a negative role in actress Ada Khan Khan is very beautiful. Pada Khan also hosts comedy shows in addition to the serial “Nagin”. When Actress Pya Khan arrives on the TV screen in the Avatar of Nagin. So, beautifully, the TV serial TRP itself goes on growing automatically.

Jennifer Wingate is very famous for her beauty. Actually the actress who plays the clever-clever daughter-in-law of Daily Shops, Jennifer Wingett Bella is very beautiful. It plays its role with so much confidence. That’s what people think of it. That this is the reality. If seen, Jennifer could hardly have a hatred from Wingate. Because there is no answer to their beauty.

Such beauty is the beauty of Rashmi Desai. That their negative character is not visible to their beauty. Actor Rashmi Desai’s popularity is increasing steadily even after playing negative role in the same popular TV serial “Desolation”. Actress Rashmi Desai’s lovely smile and her beauty makes everyone crazy for everyone.

You might have heard that when someone’s lips have mole. So its beauty increases even more Probably this is also with actress Anita Hashanandani. Actress Anita Hashanandani has been playing a negative role in the popular TV serial “Ye Hai Mohabbatein”, which has come on Star Plus for a long time. But even after playing the same negative role, there is no difference in their popularity. The reason for this is their beauty. Actress Anita Hashanandani is very popular on social media sites.