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​Imran Hashmi gives this gift to his wife after kissing scenes in movies

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Bollywood Actress Emraan Hashmi or Say On Screen Kisser Because all people know them more by this name. Imran Hashmi’s marriage has completed 11 years. And in this same happiness he has also posted a loving message on social media sites. Actor Emraan Hashmi married the Islamic customs with Parvin Shahani in December 2006. Imran Hashmi also has a son named Aryan Hashmi. Actor Emraan Hashmi is in the news for her image casing on the on-screen. But Imran Hashmi has a loving relationship with his wife.

Actually, during an interview, Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi was asked when he did kissing scenes in films. So what is the reaction of his wife Parveen seeing those kissing scenes? Replying to this, Imran Hashmi said that when his wife watches his kissing scene on the on-screen. So he gets very annoyed.

The same Imran Hashmi was asked what he did to remove his wife’s displeasure. Do they give any jewelery. So answering this question. Imran Hashmi said that whenever I am doing a movie, I do. So, everybody has to gift them a bag. One of his wardrobe is just full of Bego. When I gift them a bag. So she is very happy. Though that is different from the fact that he now kills me with his hands. This means that he has become quiet in such a way in so many years now. Imran Hashmi said that he should not do anything in the film. But the baggage will be only one baggage. It has been decided between us. And tell you that Imran Hashmi has mentioned this in his book “The Kiss of Life” too.

Bollywood actor Imran Hashmi admits his success to his wife Parveen Shahani. In fact, Imran Hashmi said during an interview. Whatever I do on the on-screen But my wife has full confidence in me. I believe that it is very necessary to have free thinking in husband’s wife. I am a Muslim and believe in my God. I have never said to my wife that you change your religion. This kind of thinking should never happen between husband and wife at all.