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Police arrested two actresses involved in flesh trade

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Hyderabad Police has busted a high profile sex racket. Police have arrested two film actresses for allegedly carrying out the body trade. According to the same report, the two actresses who have been arrested by the police have been arrested. His name is Richa Saxena and Shubra Chatterjee. He told you that actress Richa Saxena is the Tollywood actress. And Shubra Chatterjee act in Bengali TV serials.
Actually the police arrested these two actresses with about 4 people. In fact, the police had been informed that the body trade was being run at a five star hotel in posh Banjara Hills area. After getting the same information, the police raided that five star hotel and after which these two actresses were arrested.
In the raid conducted by the same police, the casting director of Tamil films Moni Kadia and Kotha Director D Venkata Rao have also been arrested. The manager of the donor’s business running the same body could not get the police arrested. While giving information about the raid, the police said that after receiving the information, we raided secretly and arrested them all in an abusive condition. Police told that many of these people tried to escape from there but could not succeed.
Police said that around 50 thousand rupees and mobile phones have been recovered from them during the raid. That said, it is also going. The actress Shubra Chatterjee, along with Janardan, used to run this body business. And that was the share of Racha Saxena equally in this body trade business. And this is not a new case. That when a Tollywood or Bengali actress has been arrested in the case of such body trade.