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​Big Boss X Contestant Jyoti Kumari is now seen very beautiful and hot

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If you are fan of the popular reality show “Big Boss” coming up on the Colors TV channel. So you must know the X Contestant Jyoti Kumari of “Big Boss-11”. These days Jyoti Kumari is in the limelight. In fact, Jyoti Kumari’s viral photos are showing in a different look. In these photos, Jyoti Kumari seems to have just changed in Transformation. Rather, she looks even more beautiful than before.

X Contestant Jyoti Kumari of “Big Boss Season-11” is waiting for a good offer for both of these acting. Actually Jyoti Kumari told in a recent interview given to a website. As soon as they get any good show or any offer for the movie. So he will do it right away for this

Nandani, elder sister of Jyoti Kumari, said that Jyoti had to become an actress since childhood. And she also dreamed of becoming an actress. Jyoti is very quick to read from childhood ‘. The eldest sister of Jyoti Kumari, Nandini further said that ‘Jyoti often used to watch TV in the house. So while watching TV, it used to say this. That one day I will be a big star and one day I will be watching on TV ‘

At the same time Nandini further said that my father does not have such income. That he could send Jyoti to Delhi-Mumbai. And to study in some college learning actors.

Jyoti Kumari’s brother Suraj told that he had a passion to watch TV everyday. When the Big Boss auditioned. So he sent a video and sent it for the Big Boss. After which, Jyoti was called to Delhi to audition from Big Boss. After being selected in the same audition, she went to Mumbai to give an interview. When Jyothi passed the interview in Mumbai, his name was finalized.

And let us tell you that X Contestant Jyoti Kumari BSc of “Big Boss-11” is nearby. Before going to the Big Boss house, Jyoti Kumari used to teach about 30 children from Class 1 to 5 V at her house in Masauri.