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​These actresses are only 10 years old and crores of rupees, see photos

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The popular TV serial, “Ye Hai Mohabbatein”, which is coming up on Star Plus, will be known to all the well-known actress Ruhaniika Dhawan. Their fan followings are very tremendous on social media sites. Only 10-year-old Rouhani Dhawan is following about 1.4 million people on Instagram. And you probably do not know this thing That Ruahaniika Dhawan reacts very close to the life in Reel Life. But in Real Life he is quite fan loving.

TV’s lovely actress has been active for a long time in the acting world. According to the same news, the net worth of Actress Ruahaniya Dhawan is around $ 1 million (that is, approximately 6.5 crore rupees). And when he goes to shoot. So they have a 50 lakh Audi A4 car for this too. Which he himself carries.

And not so much that Rubenika Dhawan was bought by herself. 3 Bhk lives in the flat with their entire family.

These cute beautiful actresses are called by their family members “RU”. And the same actress Ruhaniya Dhawan’s mother Dolly Dhawan calls him “Rohan”. On the set of the same TV serial “Ye Hai Mohabbatein”, Ruhaniika Dhawan loves all artists very much.

Actress Ruhaniika Dhawan is not shooting the show. At that time he likes to play with toys and iPad. Actress Ruhaniika Dhawan is also very much liked to watch the big scary roller coaster video.

If you talk about studies, Actress Ruhaniika Dhawan loves Math, Arts, Science, Themes in studies. This lovely TV actress wants to be a successful singer actor and fashion designer of Bollywood.