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​This is Salman Khan’s first girlfriends, both of whom were married

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Bollywood superstar Salman Khan will turn 52 on December 27 Salman Khan’s name has often been in the limelight with his alleged girlfriend, Uliya Ventur. Talk about the girlfriends of Bollywood actor Salman Khan. Salman Khan’s Ulia Vantur has also had many girlfriends before. In fact, Jasim Khan has also told about Salman Khan’s first girlfriends and some things related to the biography “Being Salman” of Bollywood actor Salman Khan. Which never talks about. After all, who was he? And how did it get both And then how do they differ? And after all how the relationship between the two broke. Today we are going to tell you. About the same love story of Salman Khan

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s first love was Shahin Jafri model of profession. Actually the model Shahin Jafri is the natin of Ashok Kumar, the superstars of Hindi cinema’s black and white era. In fact, Bharti, daughter of superstar Ashok Kumar, had a second marriage to actor Saeed Jafri’s brother Hamid Jafri. And Hamid Jafri and Bharti have two daughters. Whose names are Janiv (Advani) and Shahin Jafri. Actually, this love story of Salman Khan and Shahin Jafri is at that time. When Salman Khan was not a film star And at that time Salman Khan was studying in the second year of St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai.

At that time, Salman Khan was about 19 years old. When Salman was with model Shahin Jafri. And those same days after the St. Xavier’s College, the red sports car was often standing vertically. Because Shahin Jafri used to study in this college.

In fact, Vishwasdeep Ghosh wrote “Hall of Fame Salman Khan”. That Bollywood star Salman Khan had introduced Shahin Jafri to his family as a girlfriends. And the family members of both of them also accepted this relationship. And at that time it was expected. That soon Shahin Jafri and Salman Khan can get married. But this did not happen. In fact, between this relationship, the famous model of the time and Sangeeta Bijlani, who lived in Miss India in 1980, came in the middle.

Talk about that time. At that time, Sangeeta Bijlani was completely alone in life after her boyfriend Binju Ali was restored. And Sangeeta Bijlani was often seen in the same health club of the hotel “Sea Rock”. Where Bollywood star Salman Khan used to go often with his girlfriend Shahin Jafri.

Salman Khan went on to become attracted towards him because of his maturity in the age of big music. Although Salman Khan later said this also. Only after the breakup of Shahin Jafri that Sangeeta Bijlani came in her life. But this was also true. That Salman Khan was in full swing with two side fire of Mohabbat. Salman Khan was not able to pull himself out of all this.

That’s when Sangeeta Bijlani came in the life of Salman Khan. So Shahin Jafri started working in the Pacific Airlines. And went far away from the life of Salman Khan.

Actually Salman Khan’s full love story was revealed. When the Bollywood film “Fagli” in 2014, Bollywood actor entry actress Kisra Advani said in an interview given to The Times of India. That Salman was dating the model Shahin Jafri very long ago. And this can also happen. That was also Salman’s first relationship.

At the same time kiara Advani had also said this. That my mother knows Salman Khan very well Because he grew up in Bandra. And Salman Khan used to tell my mother Janiv That I will be a huge megastar for 1 day. 

And they both remained friends of each other for a long time. Kiara Advani said that my mother introduced itself to Salman Khan and Shahin Mausi. Not only this, I have also gone to lunch at Salman’s house many times.