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​Anushka Sharma was not the bride of Virat, if Virat Kohli had yes

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Even before the Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, Virat Kohli had a great wedding proposal. And who gave this proposal of marriage to Virat Kohli. He also had the same profession of Virat Kohli. By the way, this girl propagated Virat Kohli. But Virat Kohli did not respond to this girl. If Virat Kohli gives this girl a yes. So today, instead of Actress Anushka Sharma, cricket lovers will definitely get an ex-sister-in-law. Actually, this is a beautiful girl, England’s female cricketer Daniel Wyatt. The English cricketer of England had become completely paranoid in the love of Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli.

England women cricketer Daniel Wyatt is in discussions because of his social life more than his cricket performance. Similarly, once Daniel Wyatt openly sponsored Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli for marriage.

Actually this is the year 2014, that year Virat Kohli played a smokeless innings. Soon after, Daniel had expressed his love with Virat Kohli on his Twitter account. Actually Daniel wrote on the social media site Twitter. “Kohli marry me”.

Many tens of thousands of Indians commented on this tweet on Twitter by Daniel. And also retweeted this tweet. There was no talk of Virat-Anushka’s relationship at that time. But fences are all known. The same Daniel also said that this could never happen. Because Virat Kohli likes Anushka Sharma only.

After all, Daniel also met Virat Kohli during a match. And also pulled a photo with Virat Kohli.

After the marriage of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, another England cricketer Sarah Taylor quacked on giving her partner. You said that dear you would have been quick. If seen, Sarah’s gesture was similar to the proposal made to Virat. Maybe they would have done all this quickly. So today something else would have happened In response to all this, Daniel wrote that “let’s go, nothing matters”.

And the same Virat Kohli, who propagated Daniel Wyatt, has congratulated him and Anushka Sharma for a lot of marriage.