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​Customers of this prostitute are Famous Star and Leader, earns 8 lakh rupees every night

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Actually, a German prostitute recently made extremely sensational disclosures in front of a news channel. Indeed, this Vesya Cinderella works for Escort named Agency. And this 21-year-old prostitute is named Anna. In fact, Anna has claimed that she has had many physical relationships with Hollywood stars, footballers and politicians. And he works around 8 lakh rupees (9000) pounds from his escort agency.

At the same time, Anna said that my list is quite big. And there are many such names in this list. One of Hollywood’s best known stars. And he is also a regular customer. Cinderella escort is such a website. Where girls’ virginity is bid. Most people who bid on this website are Billionaire Businessman or any Hollywood Star or any Leader. At the same time Anna told me that I am currently making a date with a Hollywood actor. The Bollywood actor also contacted the escort agency.

After all this, Anna further said that she absolutely takes care of me like Sugar Daddy. Apart from my fees, I pay my flight, stay, food and rent. Not only this, he also pays the rent of my house. And they also gave me a bag in the gift. Which costs around Rs 25 lakh i.e. 30000 pounds. Anna said that this is the most expensive gift of my real life so far.

That’s what Anna has done with shocking revelations. Said that in my 2 years, so far there are more than 30 Hollywood stars. And two of these 30 Hollywood stars have won Oscars too. But Anna did not reveal his name.