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​More photos of age 45 will be extremely hot, your eyes will remain open

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The popular TV serial “Because Saas was also the daughter-in-law” has gone past this serial. But Mandira Bedi, who has been discussing this popular TV serial, remains in the discussion due to her hot and bold avatar. Actually today we are going to talk about Mandira Bedi. Mandira Bedi got the first popularity. From the TV show “Peace” At the same time, Mandira Bedi has never been in the discussion due to cricket, because of her hot and bold style.

Hot and Bold Mandira Bedi has also launched her own designer clothes. In fact, Mandira Bedi is in discussions due to another bold picture. Indeed, on social media site Twitter, Vidya Bedi has tweeted her hot and bold photo.

If seen, social media sites either become a celebrity hit. Or he has to face the insulting remarks of the people. And this is what happened with Bedi Bedi. People started annoying comments after tweeting them. Some people started saying the idol of Bedi to the temple. Many people started saying even publicity stunts about this picture of the temple. Madira Bedi, 45, has been a victim of trollers several times on social media sites.

Not only that, photos posted by Mandira Bedi on Social Media Sites Instagram are getting viral too fast.

Mandira Bedi was identified as the most popular “Shanti” show on Doordarshan in 1994. From this show Madira Bedi got a new identity.

After this, Mandira Bedi got admission in DD National’s popular show “Woman and Enemy” after another popular show “Because Saas too Kabhi Bahu Thi” and after that it was shocked.

After doing this popular show, it is as if the idol of Mandira Bedi has made it far from the TV world.

After all this, Mandira Bedi has also been seen hosting the Cricket World Cup in 2003.

Madeira Bedi hosted a lot of cricket matches too. Apart from this, Mandira Bedi hosted IPL season 3 too.

In 2013, Madira Bedi launches her own sari store.

Mandira Bedi debuted as a fashion designer in 2014.