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​Mika confessed Akshay Kumar as his Godfather!!!

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Who does not know about Mika the “great singer”? He has been brought into LimeLight by Salman Khan.
Mika gained his popularity by singing many hit songs of Salman Khan’s movie..
we can even say that its Salman who has given the platform  to Mika  to showcase his singing talent. Even Mika never miss any chance of showing gratitude towards Salman Khan into many of his reality shows.

But something highly unexpected happened during the show of Great Indian Laughter where Mika has given the credit of his success to the judge of the show”Akshay kumar”. This statement has really annoyed Salman khan’.

Let’s have a review of few hits given by Mikas  for salman khans movies…

1. “Dhinka Chika Dhinka Chika” from the movie “Ready” which really hit the floor was sung by Mika.

2. He also Sang” jumme Ki Raat Hai” which actually brought Mikas  career back to the track.

3.” Aaj Ki Party meri taraf se” from the movie” Bajrangi Bhaijaan” was also sung by Mika.

4. “Munni Badnam Hui” the famous DJ hit has also been given voice by Mika only.

5. Another hit” Desi Beat” from the movie” Bodyguard” was decorated  by Mika voice.

6. Salman has also given chance to Mika to Sing “440 volt “from his movie” Sultan.”