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​The most famous TV child artists, who are hard to recognize now”.

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The innocence of child artists on TV have always grab a major attention. Viewers have always given their immense love affection to these child artists. These tiny artists have conquered of big place in their views heart.

Today we will gather a quick info about these child actors. Some of them have reached their milestone while others have left Behind in the race.

Ehsaas chadha-

 The most bublliest faces among all the child artist is of Ehsaas chadha who acted in” my friend ganesha” and “vastu shastra” where she was well appreciated.

Aditi bhatia-

 Cute and innocent Aditi bhatia is never far in creating her special cozy place into her fans heart.she has  performed in  ” chance pe dance” and in  “vivah” where she begged the title of “innocent beauty”.

Kunal Khemu

Who can forget a tiny boy featuring in the film “raja hindustani” where he performed commendabally..His acting left people wondered that how can a tiny boy can well. He  had also performed in various other movies such as “zakham” and” hum ha rahi pyar ke”, where he received unmatched applauds. Nowadays you can find Kumar Khemu playing lead roles into the films.

Aavneet kaur-

The most loveliest face of the Tv world is of Aavneet kaur. She was being well recognized through” dance india dance”,  and “little masters”. She was also seen in the movie” Mardani” where she played the role of Rani mukherjee’ s daughter. Apart From playing into these films, she was seen acting in ” ek muthi aasmaan”, “saavtri” and in ” hamari sister didi”, where her acting was applauded by the viewers.

● Roshni walia-

A common face in TV world- Roshni walia who has performed in numerous TV commercials, from where she was being signed for ” Laxmi tere aangan ki”. She has made entry into this Glamour’s world through the debut movie – My friend-4 Ganseha” .

Ishita panchaal-

The most famous TV show featuring maximum episodes was ” uttaraayan”, where ishita played the role of tapasya in her childhood days. Viewers were stuck bound by her acting in the TV serial-  “Amber dhara”.