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​Bold , Hot and a Timeless beauty even at 42 “Sushmita Sen”- Have a glance of  her super sexy figure!!!

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The first Indian woman- “Sushmita Sen” to be crowned Miss Universe in 1994, still looks as gorgeous as she did all those years ago. She entered into Bollywood  in 1994 through the film” Dastak” and in “Rachgan” she played a role against Nagarjuna from where her stardom journey began. She was felicitated by film fare awards as a best supporting actor in the movies- “ Biwi No 1”, and “ Sirf Tum Thi”.

Recently her fresh pictures on instagram made people jaw- dropped.

Many of us may be envious, and wondering also  to have a  body like Sushmita Sen’s. It is not a joke to maintain a physique of 16 year old girl into her forties. This is not something she has achieved overnight – it is  her regular hard work, dedication and discipline which helped her to stay active in a race of timeless beauty. She is  definitely someone who has taken good care of herself .

Let us take a review of exercises which she does regularly to maintain her figure and stay healthy;

Callistanic, Aerial silk and gymnastic ring exercises she practises almost daily.

She finds swimming her favourite workout, which controls our heart rate and rejuvenates every cell of our body completely.

Lower body  stretch exercises includes- squads,  hamstrings which strengthens our body muscles specially calfs.

She also performs cardio and crunches to tone her body well.

Sushmita Sen, is always with her  million dollar smile lighting up her face! !!