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​Not lesser than an Amazonian queen Dishani Chakaborty- Mithun Chakarborty’s daughter !!

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All star kids are in a row to take a plunge in the film industry. Here adds one more name called “ Dishana Chakaraborty’s “- The daughter of the Legend of our film industry- Mithun Chakaraborty. 

She is an adopted daughter to him after having three sons- Mahaakshay , Ushmey and Namashi. But has been raised like a queen by the couple , who found her in a garbage pit.

Dishana is all grown up into  a stunning beauty, who largely stays away from the glamorous life.

But reportedly she is doing her acting course from New York and willing to pursue her career into film industry by following her fathers’s footsteps.

Now she started giving pose on instagram followed by 50,000 followers, as she seems to be a selfie lover.