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​What made Aishwarya leave Jalsa- To Know How Far The Fact Is Real!!!

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The  piece of gossip that Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan have decided to move out of the Bachchan house (Jalsa) was rubbished by Abhishek on Twitter  which were  put to rest many times ago. Reports says reason of leaving Jalsa is Jaya and Aishwarya because these two ladies are not in  a great equation with each other.

But this rumour mill is buzzing again, report,  claims that Aish and Abhishek already  moved into their new abode, Naivedya, located on Carter Road, Mumbai.

But , there is no confirmations to this gossip piece, Daily Bhaskar probed into this, saying that “The Carter Road bungalow Naivedya is owned by a builder who is a close friend of the Bachchans. .They very often visit that place for get – togethers. 

Basically ,  this bungalow seems  an investment which is used for holidaying and partying by the Bachchans. Abhishek and Aishwarya are still residing in Jalsa.” 

Abhishek is too close to his parents to even think about moving out. That was the reason of breaking up with the karisma kapoor who had  shown her interest in residing to a separate home after marriage, without his parents moving along. It is merely a financial  investment and not an emotional one”.