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​Sonam kapoor sharing with pride how it felt receiving her first period!!!

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Sonam Kapoor is the daughter of veteran actor Anil Kapoor and is the highest-paid actresses in the industry and also the recipient of several awards, including a Filmfare and a National Film Award. Starting her career in 2012, she appeared in Forbes India’s Celebrity 100 based on her income and popularity.

Recently she is busy promoting her upcoming film” PadMan” which is ready to hit the theatres on  January 26th , 2018 . Starring with Akshay Kumar , sonam kaopoor try their best to educate women about the importance of menstrual hygiene in their village. This film was made taking motivation from Arunachalam Murgnathan who made available the sanitory napkins for the villager women at a much cheaper rates

She has also shared her actual experience of how it felt her during her first period attack. Her reproductive age started at 15, when most of her friends were already having menstruation. It made her scary , suspecting any medical issues linked with it. Sonam discussed this fearsome matter with her parents too. But she finally arrived at her menstrual cycle at the age of 15, which was highly delightful for her.