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​Zareen khan cracking her impression from being bold to an action stunt police officer !!

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Actress Zareen Khan,  will be  seen performing action stunts in her upcoming film “One Day”.

Zareen told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

That  “I have always been a tomboy. People made up the impression of me as  being the “bold actress “ which I am never.  I really want people to know this side of me..I’d love to do action films and that is the reason I took up this role . People should see real Zareen now through a police officer role playing in “One Day”.

“It’s going to be a  360 degree change  something which  I always wanted to do. 

The film, which also stars Anupam Kher, will be directed by Ashok Nanda and will go on floors by mid-February.