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Mom Dimple Kapadia Warned Twinkle Against “Gay” Akshay Kumar!!

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The mega clash of next weekend is avoided by  PadMan pushed to release on February 9, the film’s star announced today in a joint press conference with Padmaavat director Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

 Padmavaat, release was announced two weeks ago by the Censor board that it would open on January 25.  Akshay Kumar revealed that PadMan was being postponed at the request of Mr Sanjay Leela Bhansali, whose film would be screened on 25th January.“Padman” will be the second movie based on social cause by Akshay Kumar.  Former one- “Toilet Ek Prem Katha” was a big hit movie of the same type.

PadMan stars Akshay Kumar as A Muruganantham, inventor of a low cost sanitary napkin machine.  Twinkle Khanna produces while the film is directed by R Balki. If we talk about actor Akshay kumar’s personal life, an astound fact came in light at the popular TV show “Koffee with Karan” season 5.

17 years ago Akshay  visited Twinkle’s mother Dimple Kapadia with her, and  told about their decision of marrying. Twinkle Khanna made the surprising revelation on the second episode of ‘Koffee With Karan’  season 5 that her mother Dimple Kapadia once thought that Akshay Kumar is a gay.

Dimple, was quite skeptical about his sexual orientation told Twinkle that she wanted to share an important information about Akshay that he is a” Gay” after he leaves. Mom  told me that “Your journalist friend sandeep who’s doing some piece on gay newspaper, says that Akshay is gay.

Dimple made all Akshay kumar’s genetic examination and the actor was thoroughly  Genetically tested. Dimple wanted to make sure whether he is potent or impotent and able to achieve erection or not.

Most fun episode of Koffee with Karan EVER aired …When asked by Karan what happened next, Twinkle told that ” Mom said you live together for one year in a live- in –relationship and we will see later. And we did so.

Twinkle exposed out another fact over the show that she  wanted  Akshay to be his boyfriend only for 15 days…

Over and above the poor actor was again trapped in another tough condtion kept by Twinkle khanna. That she would marry Akshay only if her upcoming  film “Mela”  which was about to release turn a big flop.Actor told at the show that ,she was very confident that Mela chalegi… I said ‘Agar nahi chali toh?’ She said ‘Okay, then I’ll get married to you’.

The Mela turned out to be a super flop,  and Twinkle now had to marry super khiladi Akshay kumar.

They got married on 17th January 2001. But Akshay shared the fact on the set of “ koffee with karan”  that he actually got furious after hearing the word “Gay” from her mother Dimple, and even he never wanted to under went a genetic check up confirming  his potency before marriage.

So , after staying in one-year- live-in –relationship, we finally got married in 2001.

And in 2002 Dimple delivered a baby boy named –“Arav”.  And Akahay’s exam was soon not get over yet. There happened another episode and he was again being asked to follow one more condition that the actress would not have second issue as long as Akshay become more prudent while selecting the movies and script. So , being a compliant husband, he respected her condition and again win her heart and become more wiser in selecting the movies. And in 2012  Dimple delivered baby girl Nitara.

Akshay came into controversy in 2009 during Lakame fashion week when Twinkle unbuttoned his paint publicly and went into legal trouble.

If we look at the routine schedule of Actor Akshay Kumar he is well regulated, disciplined personality who  rarely goes for night parties and an early riser he is, who gets up at 4am, and goes off pretty soon at night. Twinkle helped him for following a strict regime. She also said that before going to sleep , we both play  “ playing cards”