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Deepika Padukone Confirmed Ranveer Singh As Best “Kisser”!!!!

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The actors- Deepika Pdukone and Ranveer singh are currently facing a tough time over the Padmaavat release , directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The duo is said together from the last few years . Padmavat marks their third film together.

So far none of them have acknowledged their relationship publicaly . But Recently, Deepika made an appearance on Neha Dhupia’s Vogue BFFs, where she rewarded Ranveer as the best “ kisser” out of all with whom she has worked so far.Their appearances together tell a completely different story.

Even the same reaction was being noticed by Ranveer Singh who also appeared last year in the same show of “Neha Dhupia”, granted Deepika as the best “kisser” while recalling the song from Ramleela “ang laga de”.

Ranveer singh and Deepika Padukone have experienced kissing scenes many a times over the silver-screen. But kissing scenes were got captured even behind-the-scenes of “ Bajirao mastaani” many a times. The two were spotted embracing and kissing each other during the break times.

Since, both are awarding each other as best “ kisser” at the Neha Dhupia’s show. Ranveer went Maldives to celebrate actress’s birthday where Ranveer’s mom has presented her a beautiful diamond set along with designer Saari. The speculations are higher of getting married soon.

After their come back from Maldives, Ranveer has taken Deepika to meet her “Naani” . Here we can say affirm that both started accepting and promoting their relation from saying “NO” to its next level of confirming”YES”.