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Shilpa Shindey In The Memories Of Salman Khan!!!

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Salman Khan being the host of the TV’s big reality show Bigg Boss 11, Should be unbiased to all the participants and cannot take sides. However, “Salman’s mother was really impressed by Shilpa and was always on her side. She wants her to take the trophy home and declared to be the winner. A source close to the Khan family said.  Shilpa was not only an  apple of an eye to the commoners but even to the host Salman Khan.

Bigg Boss 11 reality show was not only followed by the commoners but also celebrities. Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta were the contestants with maximum fan following.

Shilpa at every front  was supported by Salman Khan in the House. Her mother was the only reason for Salman to favour Shilpa all through the show even if she was wrong. During the quarrel among Akaash , Arshi and Shilpa, it was Shilpa who was constantly being supported by the host.  Akaash  and Arshi got scoldings at the end from Salman Khan.

After the victory from the TV’s big reality show, Shilpa tweeted her fans showing gratitude towards them for her victory.  And off course her heartfelt thanks was for Salman Khan , who holded up  Shilpa at every awkward situation.  Shilpa also tweeted that she is running  lack of words to thank Salman Khan.

Shilpa also posted on her social media account Instagram that “I have never met  such a gem like   Salman Bhai before”. She also recalled and missed the weekend war at Bigg Boss season 11. After Bigg Boss season 11 her list of fans are getting increased  with every passing day.