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A Dumb Beggar Of The Movie “ Tere Naam” looks amazingly beautiful!!

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Salman Khan in the movie “Tere Naam” has done a great job with such a complex character and begged all the awards that year turning people into his loyal fan . The movie was well directed and the characters are well defined. He got totally engrossed in his character of “Radhe”, a rowdy boy, falls in love with Nirjara, a first year college student. His acting as well as hairstyle was well appreciated. His hairstyle was the most trending one, which was carried and copied by people in their real lives.

All the characters and their roles in the movie were highly appreciated. But one major role of insane lady was unforgettable, who prevented Salman Khan from taking to the mental asylum. Her name was “Radhika Choudhary”.

Radhika Choudhary is an Indian Actress who worked predominantly in the south Indian Movies. She almost appeared in 30 films, but her role in the Bollywood movie-“ Tere Naam” Was noticeable. She played the role of dumb, insane begger in the Salman Khan starrer movie Tere Naam. Later she also appeared in the hindi movie- “khushi”.

She has won a prestigious award for silver ace award for her best short film at the Las Vegas film festival for her short film “ Orange Blossom”. This 17 minute short film featured the story of a single mother going through the pains of separation from her spouse. From here , she turned out to be a successful director and break the boundaries from being sticking to the actress only.

This beautiful actress acted in various multilingual movies such as in Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada. But after 20011 she was never spotted in any of the films. Although she appeared in 30 movies, and in many TV show’s ,but she fails to create an impression or any mark in the film industry.